contemporary portraits

Identity Project

As I continue to explore identity in my mixed media portraits, I need your help. Please answer one or both of the following questions. I WILL NOT reveal your identity if  I use your answer in whole or part, in form or content in my work.  When you post  your answer […]

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Lots of Waxy Goodness Happening in My Studio

I have been under the radar lately,  hunkered down in my studio preparing for a very busy month of June: my first exhibition at Lanoue Fine Art in Boston, Lights, Camera…Click: Photography in Contemporary Art, with Eric Zener and Julie Stratton–two exhibitions in Provincetown, MA, concurrent with the 6th International Encaustic […]

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>Wax in the Context of Collage, Bricolage and Assemblage

> Catherine Nash Eclipsis Lunar Mixed media assemblage, encaustic painting in an antique box, wax pencil and chalk drawing of a ca. 1552 lunar eclipse diagram on an old school slate; antique copper compact, mica, branches, handmade paper with walnut ink and encaustic. 17.5”h X 25”w (open) X 10”d, 2011 I curated […]

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